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Choose Your Love


How Does it Work?

The human body is an amazing organism. During arousal our body becomes a factory for pheromone production. We found a unique botanical blend that mimics these signals.

Is it safe?

The carrier oils that make up the base and the essential oils for scent are all organic and natural. The pheromone formula is also 100% plant based.

How do I use it?

Each vial of magic comes in an easy to apply 5ml or 10ml bottle. Simple roll the ball onto each side of your neck and then enjoy yourself.

How is it shipped?

We ship our packages using USPS and all orders receive free shipping. The label reads "Custom Attraction Scents". If you would like a custom package, please let us know.

How can I tell it's working?

The formula begins to work as the body absorbs the oil, the signals can begin to emit within a few minutes. A euphoric feeling can be felt while the sense heighten.

I dont like it.

Let us know and we will gladly take it back. All charges on us.